Critic Reviews

the food seduces. The spicy heat is arousing, the flavors subtle, and you’re so happy with what you’re tasting that you just have to share

-Meredith Brody
L.A. Weekly

Your really have to go there….the food is terrific!

-Merrill Shindler

An immediate sense of relaxed comfort, of being in an environment of witty nonchalance…the Jamaican tamales are the best I’ve ever had. The beefsteak Argentine brought exclamations of delight. Die and go to heaven with this one.

Rose de Fleur
“Food, Glorious Food” Venice Magazine

A cut above the fare of its neighbors that line the street!

Los Angeles  Magazine

An aphrodisiacal corn chowder, marvelous barbecue salad…and for dessert, the (raspberry) Red Velvet Cake – a cake straight out of David Lynch via Betty Crocker. The cake layers are blood red, offset by the pale ivory butter cream frosting. It’s fabulous!

Deborah Sroloff
The Reader

The Caesar is so juicy and refreshing, it’s right up there with some of the best versions around.  Vegetarians should be thrilled by the flavors in the house plate of grilled vegetables, beans…rise.

Michelle Huneven
L.A. Times

Eclectic Caribbean cooking in a room that’s a real character. Top newcomers list.


The luscious Tart Tatin may be the best in town!

L.A. Weekly

Charm is an overused word but Prado has loads of it. Superb Caesar salad, sweet moist corn tamales, flaming papaya shrimp-  The just-hot-enough sauce tempered with smoothly sweet papaya.

L.A. Style

Whatever you have, don’t miss dessert!

Karen Kaplan, Audible Feast
KCRW National Public Radio

Award Winning Best Desserts!


One of the most charming little restaurants around, terrifically spicy corn chowder. The salad with the barbecue shrimp is a delight…the best of the entrees are the ones that com in that slightly sweet, sexy, black sauce that will have you swiping the rice off of the neighboring plates to sop up the last of the sauce.

Ruth Reichi
L.A. Times

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